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Published November 2022

96 Pages 10 x 13.375 in


Available for purchase at Pointed Leaf Press.

Hello World: The Body Speaks in the Drawings of Men by James McMullan

“James McMullan… is a national treasure.” Steve Brodner

By Julian Cosma, Pointed Leaf Press -- Renowned artist, illustrator, and teacher James McMullan, best known for his beloved posters for Lincoln Center, editorial work for New York Magazine, Esquire, and Rolling Stone, and acclaimed children’s books co-authored with his wife, Kate McMullan, presents his most intimate and daring monograph.


Hello World: The Body Speaks in the Drawings of Men showcases McMullan’s unparalleled ability to depict the beauty of the physical form, through keen lines and vibrant, expressive brushstrokes. Using gouache and a bristle brush, McMullan explores not just the drama and rhythm of bodies in motion, but the excitement and fraught psychological complexity between subject and portraitist. Each of the 83 dynamic studies captures the unspoken dialogue between artist and model. Every page dramatizes the energy and tension at the core of the creative experience.


A resident of New York City, James McMullan is regarded as one of America’s preeminent illustrators. He has created more than 80 posters for Lincoln Center, his drawings of Brooklyn’s nightlife inspired the film Saturday Night Fever, and has taught drawing for over 20 years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This coming spring, Lincoln Center will again feature his stunning poster art.


James McMullan is “to modern-day New York what Toulouse-Lautrec was to 19th-century Paris.” --Mark Rozzo/Vanity Fair

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